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Frequently Asked Questions

You've never experienced consignment shopping like this before!
Encore sells new and gently-used designer apparel and accessories.

When you are ready to rotate your wardrobe, consider consigning with Encore. Please us at 952.944.9290 for an appointment to bring in your wardrobe items. Read some of the common questions asked in the consignment process.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can consign?

No. Any number of articles will be accepted for consideration of consignment.

What size of women's clothing do you accept for consignment?

We accept items size 0 – 3X.

How much do I make on the clothes I consign with Encore?

You will receive 50% of the selling price.

My items still have tags but are past the 2-3 season trends, will you still accept ?

Each item is looked at for current trend and condition.

Can I just drop in or do I have to have an appointment.

We¬†prefer appointments but drop ins are accepted on available time, however you can Drop off and leave. We will go thru and call you for pick up of items we can’t accept.

My items are in bins and bags, will you accept them?

We prefer on hangers. You receive your hangers back. Items tend to get wrinkled in bags and bins. We do not accept badly wrinkled items.

I don't want my items marked down. Can I pick up earlier than 90 days?

Yes but there is a $1 per item fee to pull early.

Where do you donate unsold items?

We are a pick up for two charities.  They both have donation forms, we will supply you for tax purposes.

Can I get a donation list of my items not sold but donated?

Yes at year-end just request a donation form.

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