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On Wednesday, July 22nd, Encore hosted a “Lunch With Us Sale” with it’s seasonal Charity Racks! The sale continued throughout the day with door prizes and special sale prices. The feature of this sale were the Charity Racks that extended outside the store into the streets as well as inside the store.

The Shop for Charity Racks are unique to Encore and occurs about 4 times per year.

These charity racks (100% of sale goes to charity fund) raise donations for local charities. Whether individual or organizations. Examples would be cancer survivors/ PROP/ women’s shelters , etc. the money goes back to the local community. Every item you find as a treasure not only is a great find. But it’s a WIN. WIN situation. Your fabulous find makes you smile while your purchase helps others also WIN!

On Wednesday, we raised over $500! We love our charity racks!